For over 15 years, our team has been building on success. Project by project, our AI technology constantly learns and becomes increasingly powerful.

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A Proven Technology




Over 15 years in-market with over 80 projects successfully served.


From gold to kimberlites, copper, zinc, nickel, silver, REE, Lithium (spodumene-bearing pegmatites) and more.


In Brazil, Haiti, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Chile, Nevada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and beyond.


Windfall Geotek’s CARDS platform has an enviable record of repeated success. 

Past Projects


James Bay Kimberlite Property

James Bay Kimberlite Property, which consists in 21 small blocks of claims (131 CDC claims) surrounding the Renard Diamond Mine and the Adamantin Project of Stornoway, will be followed in early July by till sampling immediately downice from the 37 kimberlite targets that were scored by rank of priority by the use of the Computer Aided Resource Detection System (CARDS). This territory became a focal point for diamondiferous kimberlites exploration following the discovery of diamonds in the Renard and the Beaver Lake sectors. The helicopter-borne sampling will be carried out by two contract geologists including Hugo Grenon with strong experience in kimberlite exploration and Remi Charbonneau specialized in glacial sediment investigation. The samples (15 kg each) will be promptly submitted to Overburden Drilling Management of Ottawa for the identification of kimberlitic indicator minerals.


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Ashuanipi Property

The Ashuanipi property is located in the province of Quebec, 30 to 80 km WNW of Schefferville, along the Quebec-Labrador border, in the SNRC sheets 23O/04, 23O/05 and 23/J14. The property includes 282 map designated cells covering a total of 141 km.



Chapais Property

The Chapais property consists of 50 map designated and staked claims (November 2015 update), owned at 100% by DIAGNOS Inc., totaling 23.37 km2.


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Currie-madeleine Property

The Currie-Madeleine property covers four gold targets, one cooper target and two copper-zinc targets generated by Windfall Geotek using its Computer Aided Resource Detection System (CARDS). It consists of 54 claims (CDC) distributed in two claim blocks for a total area of 3030 hectares in the Lebel-sur-Quévillion and Desmaraisville area included in the prolific Archean Abitibi sub-province. Four gold showings grading over 1 g/t and two zinc showings grading over 1% have been reported in historical drill holes on the property. Many gold showings are reported in the area and two gold deposits, Lake Rose and Flordin, are located within 5 km of the property. After the compilation and integration of all geological reports, drilling reports, geophysical ground and recent airborne surveys, including data from adjacent properties, a first phase of exploration program including field reconnaissance was performed on the CARDS generated targets. A high-resolution geophysical EM survey will follow. A detailed analysis of the second phase’s information should be performed in order to re-evaluate the mineral potential of the property and determined the appropriate locations and orientations of drill holes.


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Wachigabau Lake Property

The Wachigabau property covers five gold targets and one copper target selected from the CARDS computer program of Windfall Geotek. It includes 33 map designated claims (CDC), totaling 1842.03 hectares. The property lies within the southern band (Caopatina Segment) of the Chibougamau-Matagami archean greenstone belt. The Wachigabau property surroundings hosts two gold deposits (Short Lake & Mariposite) and three known gold and base metals showings (Lac Relique-Ouest, Simard & Lac Lapointe SE) within a 15 km radius. A geochemical survey covering the CARDS gold targets hidden below thick overburden is recommended to validate their mineral potential.


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This property targeted gold-in-till occurrences along a favourable structure in close proximity to the Radisson Road, in the James Bay area of Northern Québec. It is made of three claim blocks that were acquired recently, covering an area of more than 8667 ha. The property covers the source area of anomalous gold values in till with significant gold grains counts from 21 to 67 individual gold particles and one till samples that returned 1.075 g/t Au on analysis of its fine fraction. These targets occur in an unexplored and practically unmapped area where a high-resolution airborne geophysics by Windfall Geotek uncover the trace of an uncovered Iron Formation favorable for gold mineralization on the two northern blocks of claims.



Nelly Nelson

The Nelly Neilson property is located in the Otish Mountains, about 35 km west of road 167. It is made of 16 claims (CDC) totaling an area of 855 ha within the sandstone and quartz pebble conglomerate of the Otish Group. The property covers a till gold anomaly revealed by a regional till survey with a wide sampling grid from 0.5 to 3 km. The claims cover 3 km of the up ice portion of two anomalous tills samples that returned counts of 25 and 52 individual gold particles. Windfall Geotek entered into an agreement by which it may obtained a 100% interest in the property by incurring 4 000 $ per claims over for year period and provide a 5 000 $ payment, half in cash and half in common share, to the prospector who will keep a 1% NSR, a half of which can be purchased by the company for 1 000 000 $.