Windfall Geotek uses its proprietary CARDS (Computer Aided Resources Detection System) platform to identify a high statistical probability of target identification within known areas of interest.

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Project Generating Machine

In combination with modern exploration techniques, CARDS is an excellent platform to increase efficiencies by limiting target areas for exploration. (It’s also an extremely useful technology to help secure investment).


Generate added value to existing geophysical, geochemical and geological data.


Employs over 500 variables to find patterns in a multi-dimensional dataset too difficult to perceive by human analysis.


Creates prospectivity maps that can be easily integrated in GIS such as ArcGIS, Oasis Montaj, and Mapinfo.


Results can be used as a marketing tool to promote exploration investment.



It’s a BIG world. On average, only 1 out of every 3,333 potential mining projects have been exploited in the last few years. Windfall Geotek is the only pure project generator harnessing AI horsepower to discover what geologists couldn’t possibly process with their own eyes.


We use Open Data from around the world. No need to travel or drill to hypothesize about possible underground targets. We consume DATA. Our AI platform and online research make us the ecologically responsible exploration choice.


We help expedite projects by collaboratively including specialist geologists familiar with CARDS to assist target validation. Our proven methods translate into a growing number of successful partnerships.


Sometimes no one has claimed the territory where we identify positive targets. This provides us with the extraordinary ability to acquire or sell the project; keep royalties, create options and/or otherwise validate additional adjoining target opportunities.