Windfall Geotek is focused on deploying it's profoundly disruptive technologically across the global resource sector.

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Simply put, the way new discoveries are found, the way resource targets are proposed and even the way mine development and operations are run are antiquated and effectively unsustainable in today’s world.

Financing the resource sector is complex. The backdrop of economic and environmental responsibility costs is constantly increasing. The days of greenfield prospecting are simply too risky and sources of capital seek smarter investment options.

Faced with these realities, Windfall Geotek offers a better way. Applied use of artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve what old school methods simply can’t offer: Much higher certainty of success – thereby saving initial costs and setting the stage for higher rewards.

Our system is called CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System) and by implementing this technology, near-immediate savings of 3-5% on exploration and development are attainable.

And that’s just the beginning

Enhanced drill target accuracy by itself reduces write-offs and wastage, providing additional downstream savings.

An integrated ability to predict related variables (i.e. changes in mineral market value, equipment depreciation and repair cost milestones, insurance, human resource and regulatory changes) are just some of the related and meaningful AI data sets available to influence bottom-line performance.

Most importantly, where the project attributes warrant, Windfall Geotek may elect to participate to aid financing and investment support as a partner. We believe integrated support is a practical demonstration of confidence and means to self-fund growth.

AIIM for Success with Windfall Geotek.

Interviews With Our Chairman, Dinesh Kandanchatha



Windfall Geotek aims to assist and invest with integrity in order to develop a world-class platform to participate in the revitalization of the global mining sector through the application of advanced technologies and strategic investments.

By leveraging our sector understanding and relationships, scientific expertise, financial acumen, technical proficiency and proven ability to attract timely financing, the Company aims to build and deliver shareholder value in this exciting sector.

The principals, directors and advisors of Windfall Geotek have been individually and collectively involved in creating, building and successfully raising investment capital for their private and publicly-held ventures. Our team members have held numerous executive leadership positions in the mining and financial sectors.

The Company believes it can turn strategic capital investments into a business model capable of impressive returns within a reasonably short timeline and leading potentially to joint ventures, production revenues or buyout opportunities.

Windfall Geotek’s vision and desire is to build a world-class technology and investment platform. We seek the participation of dedicated stakeholders and committed partners who appreciate our vision for the future of the global mining sector.

For our part, we intend to work collaboratively in the pursuit of creating a world-class company dedicated to nothing less than 100% success.